How to borrow Airtel money

Airtel money withdraw charges

Airtel money is Zambia’s Leading provider of prepaid, post paid mobile services. This guide will teach you how to kongola on Airtel Zambia. Airtel money allows you to borrow money straight into your Airtel money account. To apply for an Airtel Money Nasova Loan, you will need an Airtel Money wallet to get and pay … Read more

Job opportunities in Zambia

Finding a job in Zambia can sometimes be frustrating. To begin with, most job search websites in Zambia do not offer features that are centric to the job seeker. Such features include the following: Personalized job recommendations CV-based job matching Job alert notification There are a few websites in Zambia where you can find job … Read more

Map of Zambia with provinces

Zambia is divided into 10 provinces for the purpose of administration. Each province is run by a provincial minister appointed by the republic president. Below is a list of princes in Zambia. 1. Central province The provincial capital of central province is Kabwe. 2. Eastern province The province lies between the Luangwa River and borders … Read more