The Best Car Hire Companies in Lusaka 2024

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Car Hire Companies in Lusaka

Are you looking forward to hiring a car in Lusaka? In this blog, I explain the best car hire companies in Lusaka to get that ride you desire to drive around Lusaka town.

Some quite several companies/individuals offer car hire services in Lusaka at extremely affordable prices per day.

Top Car Hire Companies in Lusaka

1. Lusambo Car Hire Travel & Tours

Lusambo Car Hire Travel & tours have a wide range of cars and buses to choose from – large or small, diesel or petrol, automatic or manual. Their staff is readily available to offer additional information for business and pleasure. For conferences, workshops, or seminars? The Lusambo team can help with connections around Zambia.

You can visit their website to see their wide portfolio of cars

2. Sally Mebs Car

Sally Mebs Car Hire provides you with flexible and convenient car rental options for Saloon cars, 4x4s, and buses in and around Lusaka.

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