Latest Gotv Malawi Packages 2024

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gotv malawi packages

Gotv Malawi offers you various packages with premium television programs from all categories including News, Movies, Documentaries, Cartoons, Sports, Local and foreign programs, etc. In this blog post, you will get to know the current Gotv Malawi packages.

Gotv Malawi Packages

Here are the Gotv Malawi packages arranged to suit your budget

Gotv Value

Gotv Value is packed with all the TV basics you need to make your home a happy place. Stay connected to your local favorites, football highlights, and edutainment. A great choice that offers value on a budget.

Features of Gotv Value

  • 4 Local Channels
  • 2 Sports Channels
  • 1 Movie Channel
  • 16 Other genre Channels
  • 15+ Channels

Subscription Price

The Gotv Value monthly subscription price is MWK 6,900

Gotv Lite

Gotv Lite is suitable when you only need the basics. GOtv Lite has selected local channels (and free-to-air channels), news, edutainment, and local sports. It’s a ‘plug-in and enjoy’ TV that’s ‘Lite’ on your budget.

Features of Gotv Lite

  • 4 Local Channels
  • 1 Sports Channels
  • 0 Movie Channels
  • 7 Other genre Channels

Subscription Price

The Gotv Lite monthly subscription price is MWK 2,600

Gotv Plus

Gotv Plus comes with the entertainment you love made easy and affordable. GOtv Plus a is fuss-free selection that covers local and international entertainment as well as sporting highlights.

Features of Gotv Plus

  • 4 Local Channels
  • 3 Sports Channels
  • 4 Movie Channels
  • 35 Other genre Channels

Subscription Price

The Gotv Plus monthly subscription price is MWK 12,500

Gotv SUPA+

Get your front-row seat to the Premier League with Supa+. GOtv Supa+ has a full house of entertainment like the dedicated PL channel, more for movie lovers, plus a big entertainment boost for the kids. Make your home a happy place for all with GOtv Supa+.

Features of Gotv SUPA+

  • 4 Local Channels
  • 9 Sports Channels
  • 9 Movie Channels
  • 46 Other genre Channels
  • 65+ Channels

Subscription Price

The Gotv SUPA+ monthly subscription price is MWK 33,000


We hope you have found our Gotv Malawi packages blogpost useful. You can also view the Gotv Zambia Packages

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