Jabali Foundation Promotion

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Jabali Foundation Promotion

Who is Jabali Foundation?

Ever heard of Jabali? Well, Jabali Foundation Promotion is a Christian faith-based organization based in Kenya whose mission is to provide and promote quality and evidence-based adoption support services, foster care, and kinship care services for children deprived of and/or at risk of being deprived of parental care.

What They Do

Jabali Foundation works to ensure that every child under the age of three is not unnecessarily separated from their families and when separation is inevitable, they are placed in a suitable family-based environment as opposed to an orphanage. The services they offer under this platform are:

  • Support services and respite foster care for families/mothers in temporary crises. Services include counseling, parenting skills training, and linkage with economic empowerment programs
  • Emergency foster care for abandoned babies
  • Family tracing and reintegration

Is Jabali Foundation Promotion giving out money?

The big answer is NO. Jabali Foundation Promotion doesn’t give out money. In any case, if Jabali Promotion is giving out money, then it is something totally unrelated to Jabali Foundation.

Does Jabali Foundation Have an App?

Jabali Foundation doesn’t have an app at the moment. If at there’s an app available at the moment that claims to give out loans, it simply means it belongs to another company not affiliated with Jabali Foundation.

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