How to Access NHIMA Number 2024 – Complete Guide

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How to access NHIMA Number 2024

In this blog post, you will learn what NHIMA is and its purpose in Zambia, as well learn how to access NHIMA number.


In case you are not fully aware of what NHIMA is and its purpose in Zambia, here is a brief background.

The National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA) is established under section 4 of the National Health Insurance Act No. 2 of 2018.

The compulsory National Health Insurance scheme seeks to provide sound and reliable healthcare financing for Zambian households and the entire health sector.

Why You Need Your NHIMA Number

Your NHIMA number acts like a key, unlocking essential healthcare services in Zambia. Here’s why it’s crucial to know it:

  • Reduced Out-of-Pocket Costs: NHIMA helps cover medical expenses at public and private healthcare facilities, significantly reducing your financial burden.
  • Wider Service Access: With your NHIMA number, you can access a broader range of healthcare services, including consultations, medications, and even hospital stays.
  • Improved Healthcare Planning: Knowing your NHIMA number allows you to proactively plan for your healthcare needs and make informed decisions.
  • Streamlined Processes: Having your NHIMA number readily available simplifies the registration process at healthcare facilities, saving you time and hassle.

In other words, possessing your NHIMA number empowers you to take charge of your health and well-being by ensuring you can access quality healthcare services at an affordable cost.

Different Methods for Accessing Your NHIMA Number

There are various ways in which you can access NHIMA number:

1. For Employed Individuals:

If you are employed by an employer, the good news is that employers typically handle NHIMA registration for their employees.

To enquire about your NHIMA details, please ask your employer to give you the login credentials, if not yet availed to you. Once you have the login details, login to the NHIMA portal as shown below.

Access NHIMA Number

Once on the page, click the “Members” tab and provide your login details. Once you log in, you will see your NHIMA number.

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2. For Self-Employed Individuals:

If you are not in formal employment and you are self-employed, you can access NHIMA number by visiting the NHIMA portal and log-in. If you do not have a NHIMA account yet, you can sign up by visiting the registration page.

NHIMA member registration

Once you have registered and signed in, you can access your NHIMA number on the dashboard.

What to do if You’ve Forgotten Your NHIMA number

We humans tend to forget, especially numbers :-). If you happen to forget your NHIMA number, you can contact NHIMA using their contact information below:

Toll-Free: 8000

+260 211-356499

+260 211-356498

+260 963-312639

Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm

[email protected]

Send your query anytime!

Stand Number 27396,
Public Service Pensions Fund Building,
Alick Nkhata Road,
Longacres Mall

Conclusion – How to Access NHIMA Number

In conclusion, knowing your NHIMA number is vital for accessing affordable healthcare in Zambia.

It acts like a key, allowing you to utilize NHIMA’s financial coverage for consultations, medication, and even hospital stays at public and private facilities.

With your NHIMA number, you can plan for your healthcare needs and experience a smoother registration process at healthcare providers.

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