How to borrow airtime on Zamtel

Are you wondering how to borrow airtime on Zamtel? Zamtel provides a service called Zamtel Stata.

Zamtel Stata allows Zamtel customers on prepaid mobile to borrow talk time in their time of need.

To access the Zamtel Stata service, dial *2526# and select option 1(Borrow).

Next, select the requested amount indicated. Finally, press 1 to confirm.

*2526# is the code to borrow airtime on Zamtel.

Service Charge

How much does it cost? A 10% service charge is applied to any talk time amount that the customer borrows. This means that when for example you borrow K10, you will have to repay back K11.


To qualify for Zamtel Stata, you should have been on the Zamtel network for more than 3 Months and should use at least K15 per month to be able to borrow.

I hope you have learned how to borrow Talktime on Zamtel. For more information on Zamtel Stata, visit the Zamtel Website

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